Why clients Train with me online.

I have been a Personal Trainer for over 20 years. My approach in training a client will vary from client to client based on their individual goals & needs.  If your train with me in my gym or following the fitness program i provide for you, clients are assured that i will provide the necessary training, feedback and counselling to make sure there program is effective. 

Initially we will start with a complimentary online or in-person (preferably) fitness consultation to discuss your individual needs & health background. Once we move forward  following the consultation & complete a Fitness Par_Q questionnaire i will have you complete a series of exercises. This will give me a more specific approach in developing your routine.

Videos & Support

I will send you personalized videos of the exercises in your program to ensure you are working out correctly. I don't carry a video library  because in all my years of training i find there is always some form of tweaking the exercise to make it more effective to that particular client. If you can see me in my gym we can go over them together in a 1 to 1 session that will be included in your training package. 

My clients can text or email anytime for any individual questions or added support based on their program. If you wish to call me, just send me a text & we will arrange a time.


This is a vital factor in  reaching your fitness goals. We will go over your current nutrition plan and make adjustments as needed. Most of the time meals are spaced to far apart  or overeating in the evening. Whatever your case may be we will go over it together.


We work as a team &  good things happen. You can always rely on me  to provide you with the necessary tools to succeed  & I expect all my clients to put in the time & dedication to fulfill their goals.

On Line Fitness Packages


  • Each package comes equipped with a Fitness assessment,  training program(s),  & on going email/phone & text support.

Moderate Progression $300 +tx

  • 3 month training support
  • 1 detailed fitness program
  • personalized digital videos of the exercises

Progression & Acceleration $500+tx

  • 6 month training support
  • 2 detailed fitness programs
  •  personalized digital videos of the exercises 

Body Transformation & Dedication $800 +tx

  • 12 month training support
  • 4 detailed fitness programs
  •  personalized digital videos of the exercises 


  • credit card
  • check
  • e-transfer


Please feel free to  get in touch with me  to address any questions. i will get back to you asap.